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Privacy Policy

Important Notice

When sending any type of information the USER of this website declares and guarantees that it has the capacity, means and powers to communicate such information to LinearWork.

A. Name and contact of the data controller

The data controller is LinearWork, a limited liability company with the following contacts:

  • Telephone: +351 918 262 412
  • Email:

B. Data we collect and what do we do with it

B.1 Direct collection

As a visitor of the site it is not necessary to provide any personal data. The user's personal data is only collected when inputed in certain pages and are necessary for LinearWork to give the required information or clarification requested or to allow user to access secured parts of the website (for instance, the user's account). Furthermore, LinearWork may contact the user for commercial or human resources purposes.

The data that we collect for those purposes are the following:

  • Name*
  • Phone*
  • Email address*
  • Company name
  • Country
  • Resume/CV
  • LinkedIn profile url

Information marked with an asterisk (*) is necessary in the event the user wishes to receive personalized information about LinearWork or in those cases where the user requests to receive our newsletter or a commercial proposal (including contacts prior or subsequent to such proposal) or applies to a job position.

The communication of a user's personal data within this website does not constitute a legal, a contractual obligation nor a requirement necessary for the fulfillment of a contract.

B.2 Indirect collection of data

Using Google Analytics LinearWork may collect the following aggregated data: Geographic origin (city country), language, type of device, operating system, browser, Internet Service Provider, age, gender, data and time of access and address of the referral data and IP address.

LinearWork monitors, aggregates and analyses statistical information regarding the use of this website in an anonymised and aggregated way. Data used for this purpose does not contain personal data nor private information. Such analysis and aggregate data maybe be used to interpret the experience of use of this website and to continuously improve the service levels and the user satisfaction. This aggregated statistical information may be communicated to third parties or disclosed publicly.

LinearWork uses cookies in the site to improve the performance and of the user experience.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or on your mobile device through your browser, retaining only generic information related to User preferences, allowing access to specific areas of the site and faster and more efficient navigation, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

Users of this site change the way cookies are to be collected or not collected at all, using the cookie icon and cookie management sidebar). When cookie acceptance is given, cookies will be stored on the user's computer or device in the terms indicated above, without prejudice to the control and management available.

All browsers allow the user to accept, reject or delete cookies, in particular by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser. At any time the user can, through the browser, decide to be notified about the receipt of cookies, as well as block their entry into their system. Removing or blocking cookies on the site may limit access to certain areas of the site. To know our cookie policy click here.

LinearWork may also use web beacons (including conversion pixels) from Facebook and LinkedIn or other technologies for purposes similar to those identified previously, including them on your site, in marketing emails, or in our Newsletters to determine whether messages have been opened and whether clicks have been made on links made available. Web beacons do not store information on user's computer but may, in conjunction with cookies, allow the previously mentioned website activity monitoring. Conversion pixels are small pieces of code placed on a webpage, activated when such webpage is visited.

C. Purposes and legal grounds of collecting and processing personal data

In cases where the user has sent us the user's curriculum vitae, we will consider the user in recruitment processes, and the data will be sent to Human Resources for analysis, treatment and eventual future selection.

LinearWork collects contact information so that we can provide the information or clarification requested or to enable the user to access commercial and technical information such as case studies, newsletters, articles and others.

LinearWork may also, if the data subject so authorizes, use the contact data provided for use in marketing campaigns or to send communications relating to our Offer of services or our Partners. In these cases, the user is always given the possibility to oppose the sending of subsequent communications for the purposes of direct marketing, selecting the corresponding field or sending an email to

C.1 Purposes and legal grounds

The purposes of data collections and respective legal grounds are as follows:

  • Purpose: data collection through form submission requesting information and availability of case studies, articles and newsletters or anu kind of commercial and technical information.
    Legal grounds: user consent.
  • Purpose: reply to information requested by the user via email.
    Legal grounds: user consent.
  • Purpose: human resources selection and recruitment following a spontaneous application submission or as a response to job opening.
    Legal grounds: user consent (spontaneous application) or future contract performance (job opening).
  • Purpose: website optimization using Google Analytics.
    Legal grounds: LinearWork's legitimate interests in controlling and improving the website's performance.
  • Purpose: Web beacons and conversion pixels usage and data collection to measure traction and communication effectiveness in social networks.
    Legal grounds: LinearWork's legitimate interests.

In those cases where LinearWork relies on legitimate consent as legal basis for collecting and processing personal data, the Data Subject (user) may request from LinearWork the balancing test performed over the processing of the data to assess whether LinearWork legitimate interests prevail over those interests, rights and freedoms said Data Subject.

D. Data Recipients

Submission of applications and curricula vitae: human resources department.

Contacts with commercial purposes: commercial department.

Other cases: Marketing or Legal departments, the latter in the case legal rights issues.

E. How long and where is data stored?

LinearWork will record and maintain the data up to (whichever occurs first):

  • The user relays instructions to the contrary;
  • That its maintenance is no longer permitted by law;
  • The date on which LinearWork no longer has a valid basis for the processing of its data.

Data is stored in Europe (in European Union countries).

F. Disclosure of the data

LinearWork will not disclose collected personal data except in cases required by law or by the competent authorities.

G. Transfers to countries outside the European Union

LinearWork will not transfers of data to countries outside the European Union.

H. What measures are implemented to protect personal data against unauthorized access, alteration or destruction?

LinearWork takes the necessary and legally required measures to ensure the protection, security and confidentiality of the data collected from its users through this website. These measures also guarantee the offline security of data. These measures include physical security (through access control), logical separation of records, access passwords and access levels, firewalls and antivirus software.

The data is kept encrypted.

I. User's rights

All personal data are processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, with the holders of personal data having the following rights and may exercise it, personally in our premises or in writing, by email to, at any time and without any cost

Right of access

Means data subject has the right to know if LinearWork has personal data pertaining to him/her and if so, to have access to such data.

Right to rectification

Means the right to have the user's data rectified if inaccurate or have the data completed, if incomplete.

Right to Erasure

Means the right to have the user's data erased if they are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected; if Data subject withdraws the user's consent; if data subject objects to the processing based on legitimate grounds and there are no overriding legitimate interest for the processing, if the personal data have been unlawfully processed.

Right to restriction of processing

In this case LinearWork may only store the data. It applies when the accuracy of the data is contested by data subject, when the processing is unlawful but the data subject opposes to its erasure; when the controller no longer needs the data but they are required by the data subject for purposes of the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

Right to data portability

Means that data subject has the right to receive from LinearWork the personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format in those cases where the legal grounds for processing was the consent or execution of a contract and the processing is carried out by automated processes.

Right to object

In the event LinearWork processes your data for direct marketing purposes you may oppose at any time and your data shall no longer be processes for such purposes. In the remainder of situations, which means when the data is processed based on LinearWork legitimate interests, the data subject may object at any time on grounds relating to his or her particular situation. Likewise the data subject may oppose if LinearWork used the data for purposes that are not those that were communicated at the time of collection.

In those cases where consent was the legal basis for processing of data subject´s personal data, the data subject has the right to withdraw his / her consent at any time and without detriment, and for that purpose the user must contact us by email

The data subject has the right to submit a complaint to the Supervisory Authority.

The Data Owner (user) may at any time exercise his rights of access, erasure, rectification and limitation of the processing of his personal data without any detriment.

J. Privacy Contact

For questions related to personal data and this policy any user can contact LinearWork via telephone (+351 918 262 412) or email (

K. Revisions and Amendments

LinearWork has the right to change the privacy policy at any time. Registered users will be warned via email when there is a new version or in cases of relevant changes or amendments.

The present privacy policy was created on the 1st of December 2020.

Cookies Policy

A. What is a cookie

Cookies are usually small text files stored on the user's computer browser directory or program data subfolders. Cookies are created when an Internet browser visits a website that uses cookies to keep track of the user's interactions within the site, helping to improve the performance and user experience. For instance, when using cookies a user can resume it left off, remember registered login information, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions.

B. Types and functionality of used cookies

The list of cookies and respective functionality on this website is:

    Functionality:used to analyze how users' interactions on the website and to monitor its performance. This enables us to provide a high quality experience by customizing our offering and quickly identifying and correcting any issues that arise.
    Functionality: Used to enable us to remember your preferences. In short, functionality cookies store user preferences regarding the use of the site, so the user does not have to re-configure the site each time you visit it
    Functionality: These serve to measure the success of applications and the effectiveness of third-party advertising.
    Functionality: They serve to target advertising according to the interests of each user, allowing you to limit the number of times the ad is viewed. These cookies help measure the effectiveness of advertising. However, they do not identify the user.

In terms of persistency cookies are classified according to:

    Functionality: Stored at the browser level on your access devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) and are used whenever the user makes a new visit to the site. They are generally used to target navigation according to the user's interests, allowing us to provide a more personalized service.
    Functionality: These are temporary, remain in your browser cookies until you leave the site. The information obtained allows us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.

B. How long does the information gathered by cookies last?

LinearWork cookies last between 24 hours to 30 days, depending on the functionality.

C. How can the user manage its cookies?

As explained, cookies help LinearWork to improve this website and users to make the most of this website. All browsers enable the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies, particularly by selecting suitable settings in the respective browser. After authorising cookie use, the user can disable part of or all our cookies at any time.

In the case a user removes or does not allow cookies, some of this website features may not function as a result.

D. Privacy policy of other websites

This website contains links to other websites. LinearWork's privacy and cookie policy applies only to our website, so if you click on a link to another website, you should read their privacy and cookie policy.

E. Revisions and Amendments

LinearWork has the right to change the cookie policy at any time. Registered users will be warned via email when there is a new version or in cases of relevant changes or amendments.

The present cookie policy was created on the 1st of December 2020.